Chapter DOTAs

“A DOTA is “anyone–man or woman, military or civilian, black or white–who served at Tuskegee Army Air Field or in any of the programs stemming from the ‘Tuskegee Experience’ between the years 1941 and 1949 is considered to be a Documented Original Tuskegee Airman (DOTA).”

Name: Judge Albert Jr.

Name: Larry Brown

Name: George Cheney

Name: Milford Craig

Name: James Edmondson (Founding Member)

Name: Calvin Hobbs

Name: George Hudson Jr.

Name: Alvin Johnson

Name: Herman “Ace” Lawson

Name: Dr. Robert A. “Bob” Matthews

Name: George Porter

Name: George S. “Spanky” Roberts 

Name: James Smith

Name: Boyd Taylor

Name: Johnny Whitfield

Name: James Williams, Jr.

Name: Robert D. “Bicycle” Wilson

Name: Lenard Yates