Youth Aviation

The Youth Aviation Academy, Inc is “a nonprofit, public benefit corporation” established for the purpose of educating youth (especially ages 12 to 17) in the exciting and growing field of aviation. The program is a series of learning activities designed to complement the traditional learning activity that is designed to supplement the tradition elementary and middle school curriculums. For a typical student a class session is normally four hours in length, once a week and there are no more than 16 students per session (a ratio of 16:1). The student is challenged with a four stage program, as the student masters each stage, he or she is rewarded with a flying skill badge (select the “Flying Skill Badge” button from the menu above for more information).



Our goals are as follows:

1)    To increase a young person’s knowledge of aviation history (from Kitty Hawk to the Space Shuttle)

2)    To use the history and legacy of such patriots as the Tuskegee Airmen, as a vehicle, to discuss and apply the merits of diversity within our society.

3)    To instill the values of leadership, teamwork and excellence.

4)    To increase a young person’s knowledge of aircraft flight principles and applications.



Our vision is that all students that have actively participated in the program will become “America’s next generation of aviators”. The Youth Aviation Academy is the first logical step to a rewarding career in aviation (select the Aviation Career Button at the top of this web page to gain additional information). The following figure depicts the relationship of the Youth Aviation Academy to the common elements of the aviation career path and the traditional school progression.  The Youth Aviation Academy is analogies to the elementary and middle school levels of traditional education.  Participants in the program are taught basic aviation applications and techniques and develop basic skills upon which a student can build (a foundation), as he or she pursues advance aviation training.